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How it works

register_s icon Register your shop

Register your shop on "YuDoo Seller" App

found_s icon Be found by customers

The customer will find your shop on YuDoo Customer App

call_v_s icon Video Call

Customers will make a video call to the store.

verious_s icon Show Various Products

You, the seller will show various products, and have discussions.

happY_s icon Everyone's Happy

Happy customer, happy seller!

P_tranfer_s icon Payment Transfer

The payment will be transferred to you, the seller.

deliever_s icon Deliver the goods

YuDoo's logistics partner will deliver the goods from the shop to the customer.

pay_s icon Pay Online/COD

The customer will pay online / cod for items she likes.

Benefits to the seller

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Sell to customers across India - irrespective of size & location of your shop.
No investment or onboarding charges. Free to use App.
You can reach so many customers even when physical footfall is low.
Get a great platform for your advertisement, brand building and fame.
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    How to Join?

    Call Us

    Call us on 9978 9978 08 to verify your eligibility.

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    Download App

    Download YuDoo App.

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    Fill Information

    Enter asked information, and send for verification.

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    Once verified, your shop will be live.


    360° Support from YuDoo

    Icon Pickup From Your Shop

    Pickup from your shop to delivery at the customer's doorstep.

    Icon Complaints Verified

    Customers’ complaints and allegations are verified against video-call recording

    Icon Many Payment Options

    Many payment options are made available for the customer’s convenience.

    Icon YuDoo Seller Helpline

    Single point YuDoo Seller Helpline (9978 9978 08) for any and all concerns.

    Icon YuDoo Assurance

    YuDoo assurance to the Sellers - against malpractice & fraud from customer.

    Icon Training & Support

    Training & support is provided on how to use YuDoo effectively to achieve maximum customer satisfaction & increase sales.

    Frequently asked questions

    YuDoo is a platform connecting millions of customers to sellers (shopkeepers) using video call. This way, customer explores the shop & products as if she is visiting the shop. We can say, YuDoo is a “bridge” between the customer & the shopkeeper.
    Simple 3 steps:
    1. Download the “YuDoo Seller” app from Play Store/ App Store
    2. Submit the information asked.
    3. We will verify & approve the shop if it passes the criteria. That’s it!
    YuDoo is created keeping the ease of seller in mind. So we don’t ask any such information. On YuDoo, when a customer calls you, you just show what is available at your shop. No inventory or photos to be maintained.
    Using YuDoo is very simple. Just register your shop on YuDoo. Once it is approved, the shop will be live on YuDoo app and customers will start calling you.
    We, at YuDoo, provide both the services. For delivery, you just keep the product packaged as per norms. Our logistic partner will collect from your shop & deliver to the customer. Similarly, we provide all payment options to the customer. For online payment, gateway charges are borne by us. For Cash On Delivery, extra charges are borne by the customer. The due payment is automatically transferred to your account every week.
    YuDoo is a very different platform. Here, customer & seller actually interact with each other, forming a connection. Also, we only allow genuine customer return requests. This has led to a significantly low return ratio. With that said, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, hence genuine return requests are always accepted.
    There is no charge to join or use the services provided by YuDoo. It is completely free to use. We take service charge only when a sale is made.

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